Graduate Apprenticeships

The countdown is on with just over 2 weeks to go until Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019, there are more amazing events popping up in the area including Scotland’s Biggest Parents Evening hosted by DYW D&A in Arbroath. We are continuing on with the apprenticeship family after exploring foundation and modern apprenticeships in the last two weeks and are now looking at the last in the family, Graduate Apprenticeships.Read more

Modern Apprenticeships

It’s just over 3 weeks until Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019, remember to keep a look out for amazing events taking place near you including Scotland’s Biggest Parents Evening hosted by DYW D&A in Arbroath.


We’ve already looked at Foundation Apprenticeship’s, now let’s look at Modern Apprenticeships.Read more

We Matter Networking Event

It all starts with a conversation. Rachel from the DYW Dundee & Angus team arranged an informal meeting with the new Learning & Engagement Officer for the HMS Frigate Unicorn, Andrea, to hear about how she was settling into the role and before either knew it, there was a plan to DYW-ify Andrea’s flagship event.Read more

Scotland’s Biggest Parent Evening – 6th March 2019, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Come join us at Scotland’s Biggest Parent Evening at Centre for Enterprise, Dundee and Angus College, Arbroath Campus, Arbroath.

Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Evening is part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019 - an annual campaign highlighting the value apprenticeships and work-based learning brings to individuals, employers and the economy.Read more

Foundation Apprenticeships

We are fast approaching Apprenticeship Week 2019 where there will be so many amazing events on in the area for you to enjoy. In the meantime check out our weekly news updates giving some information on the apprenticeship family starting this week with Foundation Apprenticeships.Read more

I Don’t Know What I Want to Do After Leaving School

Picture this, you’re a senior in high school, all around you are
people making plans.  Your friends all know
what careers they’re interested in and are doing all they can to make their
plans happen. You, on the other hand, don’t know what you want to do and, even
if you’ve got an idea, you have no clue on how to get there! Does this scenario
sound familiar? Well, read on...

Read more