DYW D&A Recognition Awards 2019

DYW D&A Recognition Events 2019 - Nominations are now Open!

Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus (DYW D&A) invites you to take part in our annual Recognition Event.  Help us showcase some of the best practice DYW activity happening across Dundee and Angus.Read more

Rebecca Fraser, recent MA, Caledonia HA

Young Person Case Study

Name: Rebecca Fraser

Job Title: HR Assistant, originally Modern Apprentice – Business Administration

Company: Caledonia Housing Association (www.caledoniaha.co.uk)Read more

what we do for parents

How To...Prepare to apply for a job

Some say applying for a job is easy; you log onto the internet and search through job search sites or Facebook and submit your application but there is more to it than that. In this article we will look at the steps you should take before submitting that job application.Read more