Connecting employers, education & young people.

Across Tayside there is a pressing need to make sure young people have the right skills and experience to enter fulfilling careers and grow our local economy. Here at Developing the Young Workforce Tay Cities we facilitate meaningful partnerships between business and education to provide work based learning opportunities for young people and better prepare them for their future career.

Linking our activity to labour marketing information and priority sectors for the area, we bring together local schools, colleges and businesses to offer skills development and learning opportunities, to ensure that more young people enter a positive destination when they leave education and start their career journey.


Developing the Young Workforce Tay Cities is committed to being a fair work employer. The Health and Wellbeing of individuals and the communities we serve, is our priority. We ensure we offer all our people an inclusive, and productive workplace that gives them an effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect which generates benefits for all our people.