How does it work?

Careers Fairs – companies present information to young people, parents and educators on possible career options and opportunities in their organisation. Work Site Visit – Employers invite groups of pupils to visit their work place. This introduces young people to the numerous diverse jobs that are required to keep a business running.

Motivational Talks – Deliver talks on the various opportunities and career paths that exist within an industry and dispel any myths or stereotypes. Business/Enterprise Challenges – An employer sets a project or brief for a class or group of young people to achieve. The fun, competitive nature of the challenge encourages and develops necessary soft skills. The elements of the brief introduce aspects of a specific job or industry and illustrate how what they learn in class is relevant in work. Mentoring – Regularly scheduled meetings between an employer and a young person can provide the support and role model a young person needs to succeed.

Work Placement – There are many different types of work placement which can be for as little as one week, or may be over a longer period of time for a day a week, for example. The young person gets to experience an working environment first hand. The company can gain fresh insight and ideas from the young person. Apprenticeships – There are many different apprenticeship models, giving young people the chance to continue their learning whilst in a working environment. For more details on apprenticeships please visit

Marketplace – if you know exactly what type of engagement you would like to offer young people, the simplest process is to put your offer on Marketplace. This online platform allows companies and employees to offer events, visits and one-to-one sessions. Teachers can view and book the specific offers that would be most beneficial to their students or themselves. Marketplace is simple to use and the DYW Tay Cities team is happy to support anyone to get started on it – Founders4Schools – This online platform connects professionals and educators. Once you have signed up your details will be visible to teachers who can find appropriate local professionals and invite them to take part in an event, speak to pupils or fulfil a specific need. The decision to accept or decline is completely yours, with no minimum commitment.

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