Carnoustie High School Business Breakfast

After a 2-year hiatus, Carnoustie High School sought to bring back their S6 business breakfast at the end of the 2021/22 school term. The plan was to invite professionals from businesses in the Tayside area, which represented as many different industries as possible, to speak to their S6 pupils about potential careers. The event was also to support the Career Education Standard to allow for better connectivity and cooperation between education and the world or work. It was also hoped that by running this event young people would understand the expectations of employers and feel that they can make an achievable contribution to companies. Around 88 pupils attended the business breakfast and had an enjoyable experience networking with businesses. 40 different guests from the world of work attended representing a variety of industries. The students had the opportunity to sit with the professionals and discuss potential careers, pathways and develop networking skills. As the event progressed, they had the chance to move around the tables and speak to all guests in attendance. This opportunity allowed them to identify and access support networks that may help them progress towards a positive destination beyond school. Many of the businesses who attended provided young people with careers advice and their contact emails, to help them develop a professional network.  This assisted the pupils in focussing on their plans for when they leave school. Pupils were able to learn first-hand about the world of work, job possibilities and learn more about the skills they will need for the future. Through the event, employers also informed pupils first-hand about the relevance, growth and attractiveness of industry sectors, employment opportunities and progressive career options from the sectors they represented. They also assisted with the pupils’ readiness for transitioning into the world of work by informing them about recruitment procedures.

“I attended the S6 business breakfast at Carnoustie Hotel which brought employers and young people to one place to talk about the what’s next in their journey. The breakfast was an inspiration to attend, each table had one or two employers that were happy to share their personal and professional stories with the S6 Students, encouraging them to reach out and ask for help, with their career paths including asking for volunteering or work experience. There were nurses, doctors and pilots that attended, along with businesses such as Carnoustie Hotel, Angus Soft Fruits, Arbroath Football Club and Henderson Loggie. During the morning the students could move tables 3 times and get different perspectives from different people. This event truly had the young people at the heart of it and it was a joy to see how much they took from talking to different organisation.”

– Lisa Laidlaw – DYW Tay Cities Lead