Thursday 23rd April!

With the current situation there are more parents working from home and home schooling their children, so we at Developing the Young Workforce thought we would put a different spin on this years Bring Your Child to Work Day by doing a Home Edition!

Involving young people in what their parents/guardians do during your work day could inspire and raise awareness of the world of work by continuing to showcase the variety of careers on offer. Plus, teaching your children what you do can spark more conversations about their future and give them that understanding about what you.

How To Get Involved

Step 1 Pledge your support for the campaign and mark Thursday 23rd April 2020 in your diary and let us know that you are taking part.

Step 2 On Thursday 23rd April, post a photograph of yourself and your children working at home. Remember and use the hashtag #DYWChildtoWork and tag us #DYW_DA

If you don’t use social media and want to be involved, you can send your photo to and we will share it on your behalf.

We look forward to seeing your posts on Thursday 23rd April. If you have any questions or want to get involved but aren’t sure how, please get in touch by contacting via email,


Click the image to download the certificate

We encourage you to customise, print off and present your child with this certificate. Please share pictures of your child and their certificates on social media so we can see what everyone has achieved.

Ideas for young kids

1. Logo colouring – Make colouring sheets out of your company logo and let younger children colour it in.

2. If I were a CEO – Give your child a poster board to write or draw ideas about two to three rules they would make if they ran a company. They can then present their ideas — funny or serious — about how they would run a company.

Ideas for Teens

1. Social Media Takeover – Let the students create some posts for your company social media for the day to give your followers an inside look about what it’s like to work for your company. It will give them something creative to do, and they might come up with awesome results.

2. Research It – If you have upcoming ideas for projects, have your teen employees-for-the-day research options and put together information for your team.

For more ideas visit,